Friday, November 5, 2010

A week of Halloween Fun!

I guess it all started with making Halloween necklaces with cousin Natalie.

And then we picked out pumpkins.

My Dad has always really enjoyed carving pumpkins and I guess it has rubbed off on all of us. It is now tradition to have a big pumpkin carving family night. It is a part of Halloween I really look forward to.

Vaughn had a pumpkin carving contest at work so he went all out this year insisting on this idea he had to carve Phineas and Ferb (Disney cartoon characters from Macie and Rens favorite show) and then Macie couldn't imagine leaving out Agent P.

Macie wanted to be a witch. And when I saw this hat I just knew that this was the costume for her.
(This is her "Scary" face)

Then we were off to a cousin party hosted by the Grover kids.

Eliza and her kids planned so many fun activities! We had a great time!

The cutest by far was the donut eating contest!

I just laughed and laughed! Macie and Rex were so cute. They just kept at it for like two whole minutes until they got it in their mouths. (Noah shoved it in with his hand right after this shot.)

If you ask Renzo what he was for Halloween he says "bones"

More scary faces from the kids as we got ready for trunker-treating. We were so excited that Renzo let us paint his face. Macie got a little scared of him right at first and he was walking around saying " no spooky" " I no spooky" .

Renzo was shy at first but he got the hang of it . And then he thought it was pretty awesome that people would just put candy in his bucket. He kept saying "oh, mine" and shaking his head up and down.

My sisters both went all out in the costume department this year. Vaughn and I felt a little

un-fun. I guess next year we will try to get in the spirit a bit more.