Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tour of our new place

Ya well I know we have been here for three months and I should have done this long ago but i figure some of you will appreciate it and the rest of you have been here so you can skip it :)
I tried to take a picture of each room from two angles that almost all of it can be see. This is the front room. The one room where there are no toys and it is always ready for visitors. (well most of the time.)

Here is where we spend all of our time. The living/dining room and the kitchen.

We have three bedrooms downstairs. We painted these rooms before we moved in and I really love them. Macie's room is a little bright for some people but I love it. I just have to throw in that I made both of their quilts (with help from my mom and her sewing machine) and I am really kind of proud of myself cuz I really don't care for sewing but this was a lot of fun.

The kids both have these really cute window seats in their rooms which have quickly become favorite play spots.

Macie saw me taking pictures of her room and she asked if she could be in one and do a "pose". This is what she came up with and I thought it was pretty funny. So enjoy :)

Here is the downstairs master bedroom.
And the master bath. I guess I forgot to take a picture of the other hall bath but it is done in the same style just smaller.

So this is the stairwell back by the kitchen that leads to the back yard and upstairs to my classroom and the "master suite".The top of the stairs opens up right into the classroom. The door straight ahead is a powder bathroom and the door to the right is the "master". This balcony is over the backyard off of the classroom. Its big enough for a couple of chairs if we ever want to sit up there and watch all of our neighbors swim in their pools. :) So the "master suite" has turned into our "everything else room". I have my scrapbook corner and Vaughn has an office corner. The treadmill, beanbag chair and a whole bunch of other crap is up there too. I finally got rid of the last boxes but that does not mean ever thing has a home yet. I think I just sort of got burnt out after getting the downstairs together and the school that I just kind of try not to think about what a wreck this last room is.
The bathroom off of the master up here is huge! There is a walk in shower, a spot for a huge tub and two huge walk in closets set up his-n-hers style on either side of the room. It is a bit dated but with time and some work it will be pretty awesome one day. For now I just throw stuff in there.

So that's it. We really really love this house. It has had just enough done to it that we aren't overwhelmed but there is still stuff to do and both Vaughn and I enjoy a good house project. And the neighborhood is GREAT. Lots of kids and young families. I think it was for sure the right fit for us.


Eliza said...

You guys have such a cute house! Glad you guys found the right place in such a good neighborhood!

Michelle said...

Every time I see your house I always feel like I want my house to look like that. I like more modern, fresh and clean lines. However I feel like my house just looks like crap. Anyway I love it and I am glad you guys love it too! So happy for you. I can't even believe your preschool room! It looks amazing and huge. Love you guys and miss you! Next post I want to see more of the kiddos because I just couldn't believe how grown up Macie is. Kind of makes me sad.

Emilie said...

You have a beautiful home! Some day...when we come back to live in AZ, would you decorate my house for me. You're amazing!!! The house looks great, but it's really the way you decorate that makes it look so awesome.  And I love how you painted the kids rooms those bright colors. I agree with Michelle...Macie looks so grown up. I can't wait to see you guys. Only a few more months. :) 

mandi said...

Now you are in my friend kristys ward, she loves your neighborhood! i am so happy for you guys!

Grannie Wright said...

Over a year late.... but better late than never they say. Of course we love your house. We miss you more. You have done alot of stuff to it. Keep up the good work!

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