Friday, November 14, 2008


I am not sure how interesting this will be but here are 2-7 things you might not know about me.

1. I have a "thing" about cereal. The SECOND the milk touches the bowl I must start eating it as quickly as possible. If the cereal gets soggy, I am DONE. Its actually so bad that if Vaughn pours a bowl of cereal and then starts walking around talking to me with it in his hand I really cant concentrate on what he is saying. I have literally blurted out "aren't you gong to eat that" in the middle of his sentence because i can only think about how his bowl is turning into a soggy mess.

2. I love "organization tools". If you open any closet,cabinet,or drawer in my house you will most likely find some sort of basket, bin, or bucket system. Now, I am not saying that I am the most organized person. I definitely have clutter areas in my house (see number 3). I am just always looking for and trying a new way to keep everything in its place and a place for everything.

3. I love to get mail....I hate to deal with mail. I pay almost all our bills on line now but we still get hard copies in the mail. I will toss tons of mail into a huge pile for weeks before I drag myself to the horrible pile and begin the huge chore of sorting out what we need to save and what we need to shred. Every single time I tell myself that this time I will just deal with it as it comes each day but that only seems to last for a day or two.

4. I cant spell. I swear I have some sort of slight dyslexia. If I get in a hurry I will mix up even the simplest words. I have to really think about it when I am writing or typing. I think that is partly why I fell in love with the Montessori approach. I always felt like I got in trouble at school for mixing up "simple" things. But I think I really just needed a different way to look at it. Hopefully now you all aren't scared about me teaching preschool kids to read and write. :)

5. I am a Diet Pepsi addict. Now let me first state that I do drink water and I drink a lot of water. But most days in the afternoon I am able to find 10 or 15 minutes for myself and I love to check my e-mail, read blogs or flip through a scrapbook magazine...or whatever... while sipping on a Pepsi. It is my time to gear up for dinner and whatever the evening holds for us. I look forward to it and I need it. It is my little treat to myself and I really do miss it if I don't get it.(On a side note I have been feeling bad about this lately because when we go to get any fast food anything Macie will be yelling from the back seat "I'll have a diet" or "I want a diet for me mom". Is it wrong to think thats cute and funny?)

Well that is all for me. Now I tag.....Courtney, Nancy and Aimee.


Bre said...

haha totally funny! good job coming up with things that really only your closest family knows haha. and i agree..i laugh EVERY time i am with you and macie and she says "mom, ill have a diet!" or "bermada, where is my pepsi?" haha good times!

Tawnya said...

I am the same way with my cereal! Kolby will pour milk and THEN say the blessing and I totally had to break him of that - at least for my bowl. I can't handle soggy cereal.

The Grover's said...

I hate soggy cereal too! My kids on the other hand can leave a bowl at the table for an hour and come back to it and still eat it! Gag! Sometimes I'll even clear their bowls and they'll get mad at me and be like I wasn't done with my cereal mom! Good to know some new info on you. FYI, I have gotten Rex addicted to Coke, he loves it, it has been my guilty secret but it makes me laugh like crazy and feel bad at the same time so you are not alone (except no diet for me)!

The Bergen Fam said...

Okay, I will confess too! But my kids ask for a chocolate shake at the drive-thru because of me! Thank goodness for chocolate milk as a good substitute. (I still sneak my chocolate shake! :) Oh, and I love organization tools too! Not that you can organize clutter, but I keep trying!

Kris said...

Just an FYI, I have boxes of unassembled organizational tools at our house... does that count?
Eliza is right our Rexy is a "coat" fiend (this is what he calls Coke) and I am not ashamed of it. All the kids like it but he is really the only one who gets to drink it very often, just cause he's young... and cute... and spoiled. But Iswear we brush his teeth! It was fun for me to read these things about you. I sure miss you guys love Kris, your not gay but likes to blog brother-in-law!