Monday, December 29, 2008

December Highlights

December always seems to go by in a hurry but this year seemed to go especially fast.

So I figure better late then never, here is what we have been up to.

Macie has been so much fun this year. It is the first year she really understood what was going on. She loved talking about Santa, singing Christmas carols, looking at lights and just doing everything that makes this season fun. So I was really excited about taking them to see Santa. Every other year Macie has totally freaked out and not wanted anything to do with being even kind of close to Santa (and we have the horrible pictures to prove it). But I was really hoping this year would be different. The pictures prove that is was and of course Ren my super easy going baby wasn't even phased at all by being thrown into to the arms of a large man in a bright red suit.

We took Macie to see her cousin Audrey play the role of a baby mouse in "The Nutcracker". Unfortunately we only made it through the first half. Macie loved watching the kids, toys, and mice dance around but once that was done she was done. So we went out for ice cream and Macie got some time just for her with Mommy and Daddy.

Christmas was great! It really is ten times more fun once you have kids and then even more so when they understand it. The big hits this year were Macie's bike which she refused to ride for about three days but now loves. And Ren got this really cute car that he has loved from the second we put him behind the wheel. (Thanks Mom!!)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. And Happy New Year!!


Courtney said...

I didnt know that you only went to the first half of the show...I guess she is only 3!! OK that is the cutes pic of Ren in thatlittle car!

Dawn and Dave said...

hey you bet !! I was so excited about that car -I almost couldn't wait til christmas

Grannie Wright said...

It's hilarious watching Ren drive the car. And so fun to be around and hear all of Macie's great comments. What a great Christmas. Love you guys.